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  • Loves discovering new music
  • Drinks orange juice while eating cookies
  • Owns more pairs of shoes than most women
  • Afraid of clowns and muppets
  • Practices his poker face
  • Loves the outdoors
  • Always reading at least three books at any given time
  • Loves to cook
  • Wrapped around the fingers of three little girls
  • Wants to adopt every stray animal he sees


  • Card carrying member of CA: Chocoholics Anonymous
  • Total sap – Gets goosbumps during emotional scenes of ANYTHING including TV shows, movies, even commercials
  • Loves to eat popcorn and milkduds
  • Scared of wasps and tornadoes yet continues to live in Texas
  • Drinks coffee for breakfast
  • Mom to five kids and three dogs
  • Can do the moonwalk
  • Thinks movie watching should be a sport
  • Loves documentaries and survival shows
  • Autumn is her favorite season…falling leaves, fireplaces, and football, baby!

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