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Michelle & Matthew’s Wedding at White Chapel Estate & Gardens in North Richland Hills, Texas

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We recently shot Michelle and Matthew’s wedding at the White Chapel Estate & Gardens. The venue was perfect, the couple was perfect, and we had a good time! Michelle and Matthew will receive a free 5×7 print for every comment left on their blog entry during the month of March. On to the photos!

Heather & Aaron’s Wedding at Aldersgate Methodist Church and Frazier Pavilion in Lubbock, Texas

Recent Weddings

Kerri and I flew into Lubbock this past weekend to photograph Heather and Aaron’s wedding at Aldersgate Methodist Church. The reception followed at the Frazier Pavilion on the Texas Tech campus.

Heather is a graphic designer and Aaron is a musician. We hadn’t met Heather or Aaron prior to Saturday and didn’t know a lot about them. We could quickly tell Aaron was more on the wild side while Heather was a little more reserved. Perfect for us because that’s exactly how we are. Thanks for having us out to Lubbock. Here are some of our favorites from Saturday.

Heather and Aaron will receive a free 5×7 print for every comment left on their blog entry during the month of February and March.

I have no idea.

I LOVE this moment that Kerri got.

Heather wipes away a tear.

The Texas Tech gospel choir performed during the ceremony and the reception.

Aaron gets a mouthful of cake.

Aaron’s revenge.

I will be out of the office next week with limited email access. I will be attending the sixth-annual Foundations Workshop working under some of the top photojournalists and established documentary wedding photographers in the country. I’ll be responsible for shooting and editing non-wedding related photo stories and further exploring and developing my photojournalistic skills. I hear it’s intense and I’m nervous!

Rachel & Craig’s Wedding at the Hickory Street Annex in Dallas, Texas

Recent Weddings

Kerri and I were delighted to shoot Rachel and Craig’s wedding this past Sunday at the Hickory Street Annex in Deep Ellum. Rachel is a photographer and shooting a photographer’s wedding made me a little nervous! They were totally comfortable being on the other side of the camera though and that makes for good photos.

As you can see, we’re right in the middle of everything but at the same time uninvolved in everything (we don’t move or direct people). Because of that, I think people are amazed when they see the photos. That makes us happy. We love it when couples give us the freedom to be creative and photograph every aspect of their wedding day as it naturally happens. So, thanks you guys! We were thrilled to capture all the moments from your special day.

Rachel and Craig will receive a free 5×7 print for every comment left on their blog entry during the month of January.

I met Rachel, her mom, sisters and friends at the Craze Hair Studio in Oak Lawn.

Rachel shows off the ring. And the reaction.

Rachel’s mom is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. She was SO nice. She was fascinated watching me work. Months ago Rachel told me her mom jokingly said she was nervous about what I might catch her doing. I just love this moment with Rachel’s mom and her daughters. Gotcha!

The venue and some details.

Rachel, her father, and two sisters. He is a strong man. I will be sobbing when my girls marry.

Craig gets ready.

Some from the ceremony.

Craig isn’t crazy about this cake cutting stuff. Or is he? :)

You have to shoot to score.

More from the reception.

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